Revlon Balm Stains: Crush & Honey

^Swatch for Honey^


^Swatch for Honey^


^Swatch for Crush^


^Swatch for Crush^

It’s not secret that I’m an avid Revlon fan. I’m lucky that they’re reasonably priced where I live so I can collect them without fiscal distress. Sup Ulta’s 50% off and never-ending supply of coupons! That’s how I managed to get two of these beauties for less than the price of one.

I’ve always loved the idea of stains but they usually dry my lips out and settle into the creases of my lips. These do neither. They start off kind of glossy and then leave an even stain of color. If anything, they have too much staying power, especially Crush. Crush is a great berry color while Honey is a dusty pink. They have a light peppermint smell and I think that the peppermint actually acts as a minor lip plumper. I know my friend Becca from Ribbons in Curls tried one of these previously and said they had some sort of plumper in them, and I think that’s from the peppermint. If you’re sensitive to that sort of thing, I’d hold onto your receipt just in case.

Honey is wonderful for everyday wear and Crush will be fun for fall/winter colors. I’m sure I’ll pick up more because I have a lip product addiction, but for now these two cover most of my color needs. I highly recommend these!

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