September Sample Society

1. Cell Ceuticals Extremely Gentle Skin Cleanser // In all honesty I have like four deluxe skin cleansers that I’m trying to work through, and it’s taking a toil on my skin. I used this twice, and it’s more a gel than a lotion AND WHAT IS WITH FACE CLEANERS THAT SMELLS LIKE HERBS AND SPICES? I want to smell minty or like nothing at all, not Sunday chicken dinner. Anyways, it is gentle but I am switching back to Cetaphil cold turkey until my face clears up.

2. AHAVA Time to Clear Purifying Mud Mask // Masks are fun. Nothing will ever beat my matcha mask, but it’s fun like all the others. I’m currently using it to take my spotty chin bonanza. It actually kind of burns while it dries, but you only leave it on for two minutes. I think it’s helping to keep my chin in check but it hasn’t cleared it completely.

3. Philosykos Eau de Toilette // This smells like soap to me. It’s refreshing and nice but not very… perfumey?

4. Borghese Lip Gloss // This is in my makeup bag in my desk at work, so I’m not sure which color I received, but you can tell from the picture below that it matches my lips to a T. I’ve been wearing it over the last of my Chanel Madamoiselle lipstick. Not a fan of glosses per se, but it lasts and makes my lips feel moisturized. The texture is a tad stickier than I’d like, but I think that’s why it lasts longer.

5. Stila Smudge Crayon in Umbre // Whyyy couldn’t I get a better, close up picture of this. No matter. It’s really just a chunky eye pencil in a burgundy-golden brown color. I like it but I think smudge crayon is misleading. Smudging this stuff is hard! I tried my finger and a stiff eye shadow brush, but it really stayed in place. That is usually a good thing, but I really wanted to try a brown, diffused smokey eye. What a jerk. Just kidding. I’ve just started using it for a less precise cat eye and a bottom lash liner. I like the color the best.

Hello unfilled eyebrows. Somehow I thought these patchy scraggly things were passable. I’m so sorry.

Here I am wearing the lip gloss and “smudge” crayon. Enjoy my day-off brows and greasy fishtail braid as a special bonus. Only because I love all my followers <3

3 thoughts on “September Sample Society

  1. The Daddoo says:

    I love you too, little Thunder Heart

  2. This looks like a great box. I cancelled in August and thinking about picking it up again. I love Dyptiqye fragrances. I love your gravatar by the way, very cool :-)

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