MAC Style Seeker Collection

I’m still relatively new to MAC Cosmetics, and when I was picking up my Vegas Volt lipstick, I signed up for a consultation with their new Style Seeker collection. Knowing my tendency to get over excited by make up, I put away a little bit of $$$ in case something caught my eye. My eyes went everywhere!

Now a lot of the colors aren’t actually new, but some are limited edition. I picked up the Culturalized Eye Duo, Fashion Nomad Mattene Lipstick, and the Supercontinental Blush. They are all amazing and I’ve worn all or one of them pretty much every day since I bought them two weeks ago. I loooove the buttery texture of the Retrospeck half of the eyeshadow duo. It’s gold and classy so I can pair it with so much. The Brule half is a wonderful warm nude color that I can use for more natural looks. The blush is a lot peachier in person and it gives a lively flush.

The biggest surprise was the lipstick. I never thought I’d own an orange lip product, but as soon as the lady at MAC put it on me, I felt my brain struggling to accept the fact that I would not be leaving without that lippy. I sat on the fence for a good five minutes trying to figure out if it really went with my skin tone as much as I thought, but then I got a ton of compliments in the store from other girls getting their make-up done. My lady checked behind the counter and there was only one left in the whole store, so I snatched it up like a quick, snatching person. It’s a matte formula, but it’s not drying like a lot of matte lipsticks.

Buying so much at once set me back some dollars, but it’s a haul I can wear with just about anything, so I didn’t get the buyer’s remorse that sometimes comes with dropping that many frogskins. I would recommend the mattene lipstick formula until forever.

6 thoughts on “MAC Style Seeker Collection

  1. Nicole says:

    I love the lipstick!

  2. Catherine says:

    The orange looks so good!

  3. […] MAC Culturalized Eyeshadow Duo (Brule & Retrospeck) // Gold is my favorite color next to black. This duo has great texture and little fallout, not to mention that the two shades compliment each other very well. I just slap on the gold (Retrospeck) on my lid and blend out with the light beige (Brule). Retrospeck isn’t a brassy gold which is a plus. I use it for a highlight on the center of my bottom lip sometimes because I love it so much. […]

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