Smooth Operator: EOS Review

You probably wouldn’t guess from the photos, but eos actually offers products that aren’t pink. I always see the little lip balm spheres when I’m standing in line at Target, and I always tell myself that I’ve got piles (literally, I’m awful) of lip balms at home (and in my purse) so I don’t need one. I finally gave in and bought one in Strawberry Sorbet for my trip to Lake Travis last week. I was buying pink sandals (what’s wrong with me lately?) and couldn’t resist.

No regrets! It didn’t melt on the boat in the oppressive Texas sun and they really did keep my lips feeling soft for the whole day, even when I was going in and out of the water constantly. I buy a LOT of lip balm, and this will be a repeat purchase.

When I went to the website to look up more reviews on the product, I saw that they also make shaving cream that’s actually cream, not a foam. Seeing as how I’ve been shaving my legs with old conditioner to try and keep up with my restricted beauty budget, I figured if their lip balm is awesome, I deserved to buy a shaving cream that was also awesome. If you know me in real life, then you know I don’t shave my legs very often anyways, so even if I splurged (is $3.49 really splurging though?) the can would last me a good while.

The packaging feels great! Is that weird that it’s a big thing for me? It’s that kind of soft rubbery stuff that NARS packaging is made of, so no rust rings in the shower! It has a little pump, and it smells great! I got the pomegranate raspberry scented one, and it’s sweet but not overpowering. Now it claims that it’s so moisturizing that you won’t need to lotion up after you shave, and I was pretty skeptical because my legs always burn and itch like the dickens as soon as the shower turns off. I still had to put on lotion after, BUT my legs only itched a little and I made it all the way out of the shower and was halfway through toweling off my hair before I really felt anything unpleasant. My legs feel really soft too, which is saying a lot. Half of the reason why I don’t shave often is because there is no payoff. They always still feel prickly, but this produced a nice close shave and soft skin. Good for summer when I can’t cover up my hairy man legs under tights.

I hope everyone’s enjoy the end of summer! We’re having some freaky cool weather here this week. The high is around like… 85 for a few days, so I’m trying to actually get out and about to enjoy it! I’m hoping this is a small preview of fall and winter. I’m really starting to miss scarves and tights.

3 thoughts on “Smooth Operator: EOS Review

  1. I have both of these as well- but the shave lotion in Vanilla Bliss. I love the lip balms. They are so easy to toss in your bag and all of the products smell really good. The jury is still out for me on the shave cream as to whether I will buy it again, but it works just as well as my normal Skintimate shave cream. Great post!

  2. Christine Brigid says:

    I loooove my EOS lip balm in honeysuckle melon. It’s delicious, I always take a nice long whiff before applying it at night. Didn’t know they made shaving cream– I’ll have to check it out. I hate rust rings!

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