July Birchbox

1. Harvey Prince Hello //Love!!! This is such a lovely summer scent. I would actually consider buying the full size of this. I has notes of Meyer lemon, Satsuma mandarin, forsythia and pink plumeria. Sometimes overly fruity scents remind me of teeny bopper body sprays, but not this one. I keep it in my make up bag at work to perk me up and keep me from being a stinky mess after going in and out of the heat.

2. Birchbox Exclusive Earbuds // This was the only thing I was that impressed with, but that was mainly because I don’t listen to music with headphones anymore. If this was in high school I would’ve been excited because they’re soft and fit really well in my ears. The sound quality isn’t that good though, so there’s that.

3. Tea Forté® minteas in Cocoa Mate // Yum! Unfortunately I didn’t feel more energetic after eating these, but I love having mints and such on my person at all times. They’re just a little burst of chocolatey goodness.

4. Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black // I still have a little bit of trouble getting an even line on my inner lash line, but this is amazing otherwise, and just in time for my beloved Maybelline Stilleto liner to run out! It’s like a felt tip pen with eye liner in it, so it’s perfect for drawing on a cat eye, whether it’s a big graphic line or a little kitten eye. This stuff stays put though, so if you mess up, you almost have to start completely over because there’s no wiping away an uneven line with your finger alone.

This is the first or second time I used the eyeko liner, so it’s still a little wobbly, but it’s gotten easier each time!

5. Alterna BAMBOO® UV+ Color Protection Fade-Proof Fluide // Even though it’s a good sized sample, I haven’t been able to tell a difference. My hair is dyed red so it fades pretty quick no matter what, but the serum smells amazing! I’ve just been using it a finishing oil to add some shine .

6. Supergoop! City Sunscreen Serum // Very thick and moisturizing! Doesn’t work well under make up unless it’s absorbed forever ago. It pills a little bit otherwise, but nothing major. It feels more like a lotion/sunscreen combo than a serum, but the sample has lasted a surprisingly long time, and this summer I’ve been applying sunscreen everywhere like there’s no tomorrow, so I love that.
July Sample Society to follow!

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