Another Pair of Black Shoes

Tanktop – Gap // Hi-Lo Hem Skirt – Target // Studded Loafer – Forever XXI // Blush – Too Faced Candy Leopard // Lips – Stila Melon Mint Lip Plumping Glaze // Nails – Zoya Raven

Mark and I were both off yesterday so we ran errands, bought nothing, and ate Thai food. That’s a good day off for me.

I’d been looking everywhere for a pair of loafers, and originally I really wanted a plain pair of cream or nude loafers, but I didn’t want patent leather and I didn’t want suede. Then I saw these and even though I don’t shop much at Forever XXI, I loved the little gold studs and for some reason I didn’t care that it was another pair of black shoes. I think these will take me into fall, and I’ve been drawn more towards wearing black again anyways. The neon and summer fads are fun, but I’ll always love me a nice drapey black shirt, gold ring, and black jeans. I’m starting to fantasize about fall fashion and cooler weather. Okay, mainly the cooler weather.

One thought on “Another Pair of Black Shoes

  1. The Daddoo says:

    Those are very cool shoes.

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