It was cloudy and gross when I got home from work the other day so I did what I could with the photos. Yikes are they dark. What do you do when you’ve got a nice outfit going and crap lighting? Oh well.

I finally have two days off, and my cool mister is off too! So we went to the mall, ate Vietnamese food at one of our regular places, and now I’m relaxing in bed and being lazy. Tomorrow if the sun keeps up (which it probably will considering it’s 104 degrees here today), I’ll try to get some photos taken for my July Birchbox and Sample Society. Both were really good this month so I’m excited to review them!

6 thoughts on “Stormy

  1. Deidre Cook says:

    Skirt is soooo cute!

  2. The Daddoo says:

    A very nice look Miss Thunder Heart. Had a great time during your recent visit. Much love
    the Daddoo

  3. Eryn Wong says:

    The lighting actually adds a different uniqueness to your picture :) Keep it up!

  4. Vanessa says:

    Super cute Tay!

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