Neon Costume Ring -Versona // White Slap-on Watch – ASOS

I went home to visit my family for a few days, and I came home with this new costume ring! Normally I go for rings that are very delicate or look like they could hurt you, but when I saw this little baby it looked like lemon candy! I also got one in black and gold.

My sister Jordan let me borrow her Essie polish in Tart Deco, and it was like a nail vacation. I love getting to try polishes because I feel like it helps me curb my urge to buy new ones.

And then today I got my new watch in from ASOS! I just loved the white, peach and neon yellow all together. I could just take a bite out of that ring. It looks like a gusher!

Sorry for the dramatic face covering pose at the end. Not only was it hard to get a good shot of the ring and the watch on, but my face had a bad day. The first picture is strategic looking away, BUT this post is about my delicious candy ring and watch. Better luck neck time face.

4 thoughts on “Candy

  1. Naomi says:

    I love everything about this look!

  2. Eryn Wong says:

    nice! I love the nail colour too!

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