Peachy Coral Keen

I can’t believe I posted such a giant picture of my face on the internet. This was going to originally be a daily outfit post because I thought I looked purty today, but then two things happened- I dropped a black permanent marker onto my stomach (how?) and got it all over my cream blouse (;_;) AND this is actually an outfit I’ve posted before here, right down to my rapidly deteriorating cap toe H&M flats. Creepily enough, I also wore it on the last Friday the 13th we had back April. Eek!

Don’t look at my hand if you’re squeamish because it’s apparently broken in about five different places.

After seeing a bunch of coral eyelids on Pinterest, I started pining. I know. I’m still on a beauty ban (read: HIGHLY RESTRICTED BEAUTY BUDGET LET’S BE REAL), so I waited until Ulta was having a sale on NYX and picked up their single shadow in Cherry. I know it’s a bit more pink than coral, but the next best match was bright orange. Not a flattering shade on yours truly. I get good pigmentation from it with primer, but not so much on its own. I’m currently using e.l.f.’s eyeshadow primer since I dropped my make up bag in my apartment breezeway and shattered my brand new Urbany Decay Primer Potion. I don’t wanna talk about it.

So here I am showing off my new eyeshadow and my dwindling tube of Maybelline Stilleto liquid eyeliner that Becca gave me in a swap. Cat eye is my go to and this gives me a bold, precise line that can only be smudged by heavy, sweaty napping after work. I finished it off with Revlon’s Colorburst lipstick in Peach for a bright but not too bright mouth next to the coral.

Now it is late and I have work tomorrow (what is weekend). Night night!

6 thoughts on “Peachy Coral Keen

  1. absolutely gorgeous! love the lipstick on you :)

  2. manu says:
    maybe this can help!
    and i was wondering, how do you know what colors work well for you?

    • Unfortunately it wasn’t a powder product :( but thank you for the suggestion!

      And for colors it’s kind of a toss up. I look at people with similar complexions and coloring to see if they’re flattering and then test em out. Usually I can tell as soon as its on if it is a bad match. It’s sort of a gut reaction.

  3. Vanessa says:

    Heavy, sweaty napping after work.

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