Food & Fireworks

Dress – Anthro // Belt – Thrifted // Kitten Heels- Payless // Nails – Essie Set in Stones accent nail & Rimmel’s 60 Seconds Night Before under Deborah Lippman’s Flat Top matte topcoat

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Fourth of July! I’m not always the flashiest patriot, but I love getting together with friends for food and fireworks. We went to my friend Ryan’s parents’ house and grilled burgers, watched fireworks, and ate Becca‘s delicious homemade cinnamon ice cream and apple pie (I only had the ice cream because I’d eaten too much beef, loaded baked potato salad, and baked beans – I see some health food in my future). I couldn’t pass up the chance to have photos taken in their beautiful backyard, so Becca gave me a hand and took some outfits photos while we were waiting for our other friends to arrive.

Two things: this dress is the love of my life and I’m a red head. Not as red as I wanted, but I don’t think I can go any lighter without bleaching the ends. My roots took the L’oreal HiColor for Dark Hair color really well, but there’s an even fade down into the more processed hair at the bottom. I used Sizzling Copper and there was a tube of copper intensifier but I didn’t put it in the mix because I’m a dingus and didn’t read the directions right. So who knows how red it could’ve been. Oh what ifs.

This scalloped dress is my big splurge for the summer. I saw a girl wearing it at the Impressionist exhibit at the Kimbell a few weeks ago and couldn’t stop thinking about it, and then I saw it on the front page of the Anthropologie website and it was done did.

10 thoughts on “Food & Fireworks

  1. Deidre Cook says:

    Love the dress! A classy classic!

  2. Lauren says:

    Oh I LOVE that dress! Especially the stripe details! I would never have thought they’d be little velvet (?) dots from afar! And can we please talk about your nails?

  3. The Daddoo says:

    That is a very cute dress and I think that shade of red suits you.
    Hope to see you soon.

  4. Felicia says:

    I was googling hicolor sizzling copper and I came across you and your blog, both of which are adorable! a new blog to read and a good image of the results of sizzling copper – two birds, one stone :)

    • Your comment was so sweet! I’m glad you found an image that gave you an idea of the final color. I know I looked up a ton of YouTube videos and before/afters before going through with it.

  5. Jenni says:

    Love your blog. Question for you, Did you have dark brown hair prior to the color change? And what strength of developer did you use?

    • It was pretty dark brown/a little auburn. I used the l’Oreal Hicolor in Sizzling Copper with 40 developer. My hair naturally pulls very warm so that might’ve made it a little brighter than average but using a color that was developed for darker hair helped a lot.

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