June Birch Box

I’m trying to stay on top of things this month. That means that I’m posting my June Birch Box in June!

1. Modcloth Headband // I love headbands but they never stay on me head. Since I wear glasses, there is a constant battle between the part of the headband that goes behind my ears and my specs. The wires inside the fabric make it almost impossible for it to slip off your head. I’m not usually one for polka dots (or red), but I think this would be a really easy DIY with scrap fabric.

2. Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume // No dice. The main scent it features (Cetalox) just smells like rubbing alcohol on my skin. I thought about when you go in to have blood drawn and the stuff the nurse swabs on your arm. I actually didn’t mind the smell so much straight from the vial, but on my pulse points I couldn’t stand it.

3. theBalm cosmetics Stainiac in Beauty Queen // As a cheek stain, this was really nice. You have to blend it in fairly fast otherwise the gel can look streaky, but the color was really hard to overdo. I appreciate any product that you can be a little heavy handed with. As a lip stain, not so much. The color is fine, but most stains settle in my lip creases and give me a crazy wine-mouth look. This was no exception. Plus it stung a little on my lips.

4. stila stay all day 10-in-1 hd beauty balm //The color is so close to matching that I’ve actually been wearing it quite a bit when my hair is down. When my hair is up, you can tell on my jawline that it’s a touch too yellow for my coloring. The coverage is a little more sheer than I’d like, but it does feel nice and light which is something I seek out in skin products in the summer heat.

5. Melvita Floral Water in Rose //What great timing! My Caudalie Beauty Elixir had just run out (RIP) when I got this rose water. I’m so happy they sent me rose instead of lavender. It’s missing the little minty note that makes the Caudalie one of my summer essentials, but on my restricted beauty budget, this toner is definitely a welcome substitute to last me a little longer. After showing an apartment in the hot sun or when I’m out with friends at a bar on a balmy night, I like to get rid of excess sweat and oil with my Boscia blotting linens and then spritz this toner on my face for a quick pick-me up. True it does feel kind of weird to spray myself in the face, but it absorbs quickly and really does help me feel cooler.

Here I am wearing the Stile Beauty Balm and the Stainiac on my lips and cheeks. You can see that the Stila doesn’t mask the redness on my chin and nose as well as my Smashbox, but other than that it’s a very close second. The Stainiac gave me a nice subtle flush on my cheeks that was actually pretty close to my natural blush color. I probably should’ve applied more for the photo since it looks so light here, but that just goes to show that you can go much heavier than I did and not look clownish.

I’m off from work the next two days, so hopefully I’ll get some time to photograph some outfits and products I’ve been meaning to post. OR I might sleep for two solid days. I need to cash in at the sleep bank. I’m gonna get started on that now. Night night!

2 thoughts on “June Birch Box

  1. dianna says:

    I got beauty blender brush cleanser, comodynes self tanning wipes, number 4 leave in treatment, the same balm you got, a men’s Cologne and a striped Ziploc bag that can go through airport security. I fail at self tannung but the color is good. The Cologne is ok but reminds me of my guy friends that play for the other team. The leave in treatment isn’t that great. I liked phytos stuff better. I wish I had the headband. I think I got the stila stuff last month.

    • I love the headband! I saw a DIY on how to make them a few days ago, and I’ll probably make a few soon that are more in line with my regular color scheme (the red and white polka dot is a little more Minnie Mouse that I’m used to).

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