I got an instagram! I’m still getting the hang of what makes for interesting photo sharing, but I bought some photo editing apps that are making the whole camera phone bit very fun (here’s looking at you Snapseed, Fuzel and Mr. Chiizu).

Starting from the top, going left to right:

Kimchi Dumplings from Super H Mart // My sweet Tino Bambino // Toki Doki Keychain //Elvira with my stuffed rabbit //Day at the office // New sunglasses and glasses case //New Modcloth headband from my June Birchbox //Showing off my Preem ring from Palomarie // Snow cones with Becca //Posing with my sweet loot from Colin Stuart and Sample Society //Stamp I found at work //Fuzel collage of an outfit I really liked (but couldn’t photograph because of bad lighting, boo!)

My username is athunderheart, so look me up if you like! I love following new people.

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