Pucker Up: Mac Prep + Prime Review

Why does my hair only look this big and good after being in a cute bun all day?

I’m finally getting around to reviewing MAC’s Prep + Prime for lips. I was on the fence about it until today when I discovered the trick to getting a lasting lip color. I wanted to do a whole tutorial, but unfortunately the weather has not permitted me any good light today, so these vanity light photos will have to do. This lip color is after eating, drinking, and talking for five hours, and it’s still going strong!

1. MAC Prep + Prime // 2. Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Liner in Clear // 3. Cover Girl Blast Flipstick in Tease

When I applied the Prep + Prime before, I would wait a few minutes until it felt tacky and then apply my lipstick. The outer edges of my lip color wouldn’t quit, but the inner part of my lips faded out as usual.

Then I saw this video on applying a red lip by Keiko Lynn, and I realized I had an unused secret weapon in my possession: lip liner!

Now, I don’t have a lip liner for every lip color. Instead I use this one clear Maybelline liner, but usually I just outline my mouth. I never thought to fill them in! In the video, Keiko uses a red liner, so I was worried that a clear one wouldn’t have the same effect, but luckily, I was wrong! Since both the liner and the primer I used are clear (hallelujah I found a clear primer!) the color of the lipstick isn’t compromised.

Of course, don’t forget to blot! I’m still giddy over how well the color has stayed. I wish the pictures showed the nice deep color of the Flipstick, but that’s what happens when it’s pitch black outside for the weather.

2 thoughts on “Pucker Up: Mac Prep + Prime Review

  1. budziak says:

    Ohhh primer + liner. Good to know! I can’t believe you got it to stay for so long! I have to try that.

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