I saw studded ballet flats on Pinterest about a week back, and even though I think it would’ve been easy to piece together on my own, I followed it to a tutorial on Swellmayde that is helpful! I didn’t follow all her steps (no felt on the inside), so I’ve put together a little mini tutorial on my own!

I extracted the background my own self! So proud it’s silly.

1. I bought these ballet slippers at Payless, but I bet you can find nicer ones at dance supply stores as well. I’ve seen this DIY in black too and it’s also cute, but I went with the nude pink because I’m way over my black shoe limit.

2. The shoes are a bit too thick to push the stud points through on their own, so I used  a seam ripper to pre-poke the pleather.I positioned mine in a pyramid formation, but I bet you could do a diamond or lots of other shapes.

3. Use some skinny pliers to turn the stud points down on the inside. And voila!

Of course I wore these to work today where it rained and hailed, so right now they are soaked. Take note: these shoes are for nice DRY days. They take forever to dry out. They’ll survive but I was so bummed they debuted to such a gloomy day.

Hope you enjoyed my first tutorial style DIY!

6 thoughts on “Hey Stud: PART DEUX

  1. The Daddoo says:

    Very cute. You know your mother does not have a black shoe limit.

  2. KandyKay says:

    Adorable! haha I love the little warning at the end. :)

  3. Little Kay says:

    Very interesting!

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