Self-Imposed Beauty Ban

I’m cutting myself off. I’m embarrassed by the amount of money I spend on make-up per month when I already have colors and products that I love but use on sporadic occasions. It’s not that I spend a lot, but I spend when I don’t need anything. This isn’t necessarily a pan project, but I do hope I manage to use up some of my forgotten purchases so that I can really assess what I like and what can go.

I know a few of the bloggers I follow are in similar spots; Tomiko at An Organized Journal is in the middle of a pan project, and Christine at Brigid’s Beauty Blog just started her own two month ban on beauty purchases, so from here until who knows when, I will only be using and reviewing products I already own. I’m not exactly suffering here. The whole issue is that I have too many great products that are already being neglected.

I’m not cancelling my Birchbox or my new Sample Society subscription (I just got in like, a day ago, forgive me!) but that’s it. No new nail colors. No new lipsticks. And NO NEW REVLON LIP BUTTERS (this might be the worst one ;_;).

Tips or words of encouragement are nice. I can already tell I’m going to suck at this.

8 thoughts on “Self-Imposed Beauty Ban

  1. Mumsy Cook says:

    Hang in there

  2. Christine Brigid says:

    Yay! We can do it together and boost each other’s spirits! (I kinda got a sad pang in my tummy at the thought of lipbutters, sigh….)

    • You and me both on those lip butters :( But I think we can stick to it. I feel like there are a lot of people I know that are taking a break from purchasing new stuff, so it’s a good time to try.

  3. ribbonsincurls says:

    I’m never gonna stop! I’ll overdo it enough for the both of us.

  4. The Daddoo says:

    Sounds like an opportunity to become creative and make something old into something new. Go little Thunderheart, Go.

  5. Tomiko says:

    You can do it, I know it sucks when you see all these nice products in the stans, but on the other side, you will get to play with the makeup you already have and create new looks. I am also doing reviews on things I already have and am using currently, I think this helps people get more informed before purchasing..Congrats!! :)

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