Studded Collar DIY Complete!

Remember awhile back when I posted this work in progress? I finally finished it!

I followed this tutorial to embellish the collar a few months ago, and then yesterday I finally rolled back my metaphorical sleeves (I was in my pajamas most of the day) and got to work sizing it down to fit me. I’m not the best tailor, but I managed to shorten the sleeves and the bottom a few inches and take in the sides. Not too shabby.

I really like the way it looks with a colored cardigan (of which I own one), but I think I can probably pair it up with quite a few things.

5 thoughts on “Studded Collar DIY Complete!

  1. Vanity Rush says:

    I need to do more DIY. This is so cute!

  2. I agree, this is so cute!

  3. The Daddoo says:

    I love the look.

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