Mint & Melon

Mint Dress – H&M //Belt – Thrifted // Lips – Revlon Colorburst True Red under Revlon Lip Butter Candy Apple // Nails – Sephora by O.P.I  in I’m Wired// Perfume – Paper Flower by Love & Toast

Mini personal story time. I was supposed to go out of town this weekend to see friends that I haven’t seen since Christmas, but unfortunately, some scheduling issues arose and I couldn’t go. I won’t lie. I was super bummed about it, but since I had planned an amazingly cute outfit to wear to their barbeque event, I figured, why not still use the outfit for a little blog post. Now that I’m all dolled up, I’m going to get a frappucino, do a bunch of sewing (that’ll hopefully be post-worthy!) and watch Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood on Netflix for the rest of the day. Nothing cheers me up like mixed coffee drinks and anime marathons.

7 thoughts on “Mint & Melon

  1. The Daddoo says:

    That is a great looking outfit. Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday. What a great birthday gift.

  2. Little Kay says:

    T, you are so cute! Ugh! So many emotions! ;)

  3. Christine Brigid says:

    Those colors are great together– the pinky-red Candy Apple lip butter and minty colored dress. Fab!

  4. Lauren says:

    Love it! You are so pretty!

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