Chanel Quartz Polish

Quartz was actually my first ever Chanel nail polish. I have a whopping three so it’s not a sprawling collection by any means, but I wear this one the most out of them. It has a faint shimmer, and it goes from pale gold to a taupe in different lights. It’s understated but very classic at the same time. Peridot is more funky, but Quartz is a color I’ve thought about wearing on my wedding day (NOT ENGAGED, just in the phase where I have a Pinterest board called Wedding Shmedding). You can see on the bottle where I’m starting to make a dent in it, and that’s something I almost never do with polishes (because I have too many!).

And excuse my silly pose in the last shot. It was an accident but I loved that you could see the heart in my double ring. Plus you can kind of see what the polish looks like in indirect light.

ALSO, I picked up MAC Lip Prep + Prime and I’ll be reviewing it soon, so check back. Have a great weekend everybody!

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