Peter Pan Blouse – UO // Pencil Skirt – American Apparel // Belt -Target // Metallic Cap Toe Flats – H&M

Sorry for the grainy photos. I got home a little late AND it was overcast, so I did what I could to clean them up. We’re supposed to get some ugly weather this weekend too. Wah :( I’m a worry wart

I love a good superstitious. I’m a sucker for creepy stuff and I’ve recently accepted my love of a good scary/ unsettling movie. Anyone who follows my tumblr will see I love me some skulls, creepy pasta, and feminism (and shameless self promotion, holla). Granted I’m not really afraid of Friday the 13th, but I have my own quirks. Whenever I’m traveling (driving or flying) I always wear yellow and I always wear my late uncle’s St. Christopher medallion. I know little habits like this are silly, but you bet your sweet butt at the end of the day I throw salt over my shoulder if I spill it.

One thought on “Superstitious!

  1. […] and got it all over my cream blouse (;_;) AND this is actually an outfit I’ve posted before here, right down to my rapidly deteriorating cap toe H&M flats. Creepily enough, I also wore it on […]

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