Tunic for Next Fall

Black Tunic – ASOS // Teardrop Earrings – Anthropologie // Nail Color – Zoya’s Bevin //Lips – Revlon Colorburst in Peach // Forget Me Not Ring – Fredflare.com //Gold Collar Necklace – DIY

Gradient filter for dramatic effect. Oooh! I didn’t wear this out and about because it was too warm, but I got it on sale at ASOS and I look forward to wearing it when it cools down again a few months from now. And this is the collar necklace I was excited about! I can change it to three different lengths to go with different tops. Very versatile and I’m proud cause I threw it together my own self.

I tried to slick my hair back cause my hair is currently in need of a good shampoo. Turns out it’s hard to keep it all back when you have blunt bangs.

April’s Birch Box came in already, and one of my goodies was the Zoya nail polish. I love it! I’ll do a more extensive review of everything sometime this week, but I was pretty happy with it overall. Now to beautify my patio for this coming summer. I’ll try to take some pictures if I can style it nice.

One thought on “Tunic for Next Fall

  1. […] my nail pretty evenly, but Zoya does the best job at sticking it out with me. I’m wearing it in this post, and that’s after a few days on my […]

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