Hot Date on a Warm Day

Lace-back Tank – UO // Shorts – American Eagle // Gold Rose Cuff – JoAnns // Unseen Bow Flip Flops – Steve Madden // Nails – Sinful Colors in Savage // Lips – Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple

So sorry for the lack of consistent posts this last week! I was bad about taking photos of my nails or products. I usually get home from work, get in bed with my cat Elvira and then watch Netflix and eat until I doze off. Very productive. Last night I broke that cycle and sat at my (still clean!) desk, watched The Last Exorcism (marginal and mostly bad), and made a gold faux leather collar necklace. It looks cute with my drapey black ASOS tunic, so I’ll probably get in a good post about that. Too bad it’s way too warm to wear said tunic out and about.

Today I’m going to Fry’s with my sweet Mark man to look for some adapter, and I might pick up a new webcam or something. And later I might have a play date with Bec-bec. It’s pretty hot out today so I’m going a little minimal on clothes, but that’s kind of something you get used to in Texas.

4 thoughts on “Hot Date on a Warm Day

  1. […] Revlon obviously has more reds than these three, but these are the three I own (through great sales at Big Lots and Ulta!), and I really love Revlon lipsticks overall so I figured I’d swatch these suckers. I also own a Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Candy Apple which I’m currently blowing through super fast. I’m wearing it in this post. […]

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