Butter London: Black Knight

I know this is from their holiday collection and I had some trouble tracking it down so long after they released it, but I found it, and it looks like space.

I couldn’t decide on a favorite shot of it, so prepare for an onslaught of Black Knight.

Yes that's a sailor make-up hand pose. Seemed appropriate.

I tried so hard to capture the color in the bottle and on my nails, hence all the photos. I bought another one from Butter London called Rosie Lee, but I’m gonna get a good wear out of this one first before I test the other.

I hope everyone’s having a good Friday!

4 thoughts on “Butter London: Black Knight

  1. ribbonsincurls says:

    Oh my god I need that! I’m always looking for nail polish that looks like space.

  2. Little Kay says:

    I saw that at the mall when I was with some friends and said to myself, “It looks like space!”. None of them understood it, but I made myself laugh!

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