Black & Cream

Dress – Target // Ram Ring – Etsy  // Bow Belt – Xmas Gift // Barely Visible Shoes – Payless // Lipstick – Chanel Mademoiselle

I like to pretend I’m artsy farsty in photo shop but I failed at making a double exposure and got tired.  So now you get a daily double of Taylor.

The dress fits nice and snug, and it’s the easiest thing to put on when I want to look done up without doing much else. I can throw on some gold jewelry, reach for my handy Mademoiselle lippy and call it a day. Here’s a close up of the ram ring. It’s one of my favorites.

I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me if I’m a Taurus when I wear this ring. Get your astrological signs together people!

3 thoughts on “Black & Cream

  1. The Daddoo says:

    Well little Thunder Heart, you look awesome.
    I am sure it is tough being artsy fartsy…..
    Much love.

  2. So cute! I love that belt. I also have Chanel Mademoiselle and I love it.

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