Cheapies! Revlon Swatches

Revlon Colorburst in Peach & Icy Nude

Earlier this week Becca and I went to Big Lots I and discovered the beauty of heavily discounted cosmetics. These lipsticks were $2 each, and I’m kicking myself because as you’ll see, I picked up some very safe shades. They had a deeper, cherry red that I think would’ve matched my skin tone pretty good, but no use sulking now.

Revlon Colorburst Icy Nude

This one is so close to my natural lip color that there’s almost no point. It has a little bit of shimmer to it that I don’t like. It makes my lips look grainy. I’ll try it again when my lips recover from their wintery chapped-ness.

Revlon Colorburst Peach

Peach turned out much better. It gives a natural flush of color but still had a little shimmer that I wasn’t crazy about. This one at least made it into my make-up bag to take to work. Neither shade lasts very long either. Overall, I think I got what I paid for, but I still am excited about future trips to Big Lots so I can test new colors for cheap.

4 thoughts on “Cheapies! Revlon Swatches

  1. ribbonsincurls says:

    I can always pick up that color when I’m back in Denton if you still want it! Also, are you busy this weekend? Because I will not be working and I will want to see yer face.

  2. Icy Nude looks very pretty on you. :)

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