MAC Runaway Red

Even though I have a deep abiding love of lipstick, I’ve never bought a MAC lipstick. After being wonder struck by the lip color in this outfit post from Keiko Lynn, I decided it was finally time.

I can’t wait till Daylight Savings Time is here so I can get good light when I’m home from work because the color is beautiful but I couldn’t capture it perfectly. Just believe me when I say it is awesome and fits my pinky-red skin tone without looking too bright or too dark. It’s Shop MAC Runaway Red, and yes I had to fall for a limited edition lipstick. The lady behind the counter promised that I would find another red when this one is gone.

The texture is satin but it doesn’t come off too glossy. It has excellent staying power and this may sound weird, but it has a nice smell for the lipstick. Is that weird? Even if it is, it’s true. It smells good. This is probably the first in a long line of MAC lipsticks that I will run into the ground.

4 thoughts on “MAC Runaway Red

  1. beatriz says:

    too funny! i saw that same keiko lynn post and wanted to run out and buy that lipstick. i never ever ever wear lipstick and yet have bought 3 different reds in the past week. bizarre.

    • There are certain things that I see and I know right away that I’ve gotta have it. And it’s hard to go wrong with red lipstick. I’m glad I finally got one that looks good on me cause I usually only wear nudes, berries and rosy pinks.

  2. Belitaelita says:

    I think they smell of vanilla, not sure… anyway, they smell great!!!

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