Chanel Nail Color in Peridot

I own two Chanel nail polishes, and Peridot is by far my favorite. I also own Quartz, and it’s lovely in an elegant soft way, but Peridot always feels very glamorous AND edgy. It’s that odd gasoline-bubble sheen it has that really gets me.

Since I wear a lot of black, cream and gold, this goes with about 75 % of my wardrobe. When I’m actually wearing it, it usually looks like a green-gold, but sometimes in the sun it gets that really pretty blue gleam you see on the corners of the bottle.

When I finally went in to purchase it a few months ago, I had to buy their extra tester (which is why my bottle is missing the black top that usually covers the screw on cap) because it was all they had left. This was the second department store I had been to. The first was out completely. I understand why this color is so popular now.

I don’t usually do a good job of keeping up with nail color trends, so I’m gonna keep working this color till the end of time.

P.S. All of the nifty tricks I’m trying with my photos (like the detail circle with gradient and glitter stamp from my Warby Parker post) are tricks I learned on Pugly Pixel. She’s in my links section as well, but she has tons of tips and free goodies, so for anyone looking to spruce up their web visuals, she is an inspiration!

2 thoughts on “Chanel Nail Color in Peridot

  1. Rebecca says:

    I wish they would come out with a bunch of colors simulating gemstones. The Chanel peridot is so pretty. I have an OPI polish that’s a similar color but it’s more just green-gold, it doesn’t have the depth or “gasoline bubble sheen” that peridot does.

  2. Little Kay says:

    I love that color! So pretty!

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