Four-Eyes Forevah (Forevah Evah)

My new Warby Parker glasses came in!

I’ve been a glasses gal since the 7th grade, and I’ve always loved them. Sure my eyesight isn’t perfect, but it almost feels like a privilege. My peepers suck, so as a reward I get to rock an extra accessory every day without fail! In previous posts, you can see my beloved Webb frames in Revolver Black, but now I have a new love that I can rotate into my bespectacled life.

Say hello to my Zagg frames in Tennessee Whiskey! They’ll be making the rounds in future outfit/beauty posts I’m sure. And for anyone fortunate enough to need glasses, I definitely recommend Warby Parker. They send you up to five frames to try on for free, and you can model them for your friends until they are sick of it and make you choose. Most of the time this process involves lots of webcam photos for in-depth comparison. Plus, when you buy a pair they provide a free pair of glasses to someone who couldn’t afford them otherwise.

P.S. Don’t fret, my 20/20 friends. Warby also makes some fancy sunglasses so you too can enjoy cool frames AND your healthy eyes.

2 thoughts on “Four-Eyes Forevah (Forevah Evah)

  1. The Daddoo says:

    Those are great looking glasses

  2. Four Eyes Forevah too!! Glasses are totally the best accessory to have!!!

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