Mini post! I just wanted to show off the petticoat I made using this tutorial from Sugardale Clothing. Mine’s a bit of a baby, not too long and not especially full, but it’s perfect to puff up some of my dresses and skirts without looking too dated. Each tier is only 4 inches long and the bottom tier was only 4 yards to begin with instead of 8 like the one on Sugardale’s tutorial. Truth be told I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to rock such a big skirt. Maybe next time I’ll bump it up a bit.

It was really easy and the supplies needed are really cheap. I think I bought everything I needed on sale at Hobby Lobby from less than 10 dollars, and I had tons of tulle and ribbon left over. I’m going to replace the hook and eye closures with snaps soon because it keeps coming undone at the top. The hardest part for me was gathering the top of each tier to match it up with the straight bit of the tier on top. Now I have my very own petticoat and I love it.

One thought on “Petticoat

  1. Little Kay says:

    T, you are too cute! Go out and rock that petticoat!

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