Korres Loot

Awhile ago I bought a $50 for $30 voucher on Gilt Groupe for Korres. I had just bought their lip butter a few weeks previous and I wanted to see what else they had to offer, so I browsed their site over the next couple of weeks to see what caught my eye. And boy did I buy a lot of stuff. All in all I got their Pomegranate Prescription Kit, their Zea Mays blush in Natural, and some nice samples featuring quercetin and oak.

I’ve tried everything but the samples, and so far I really like everything. The blush is a little browner than I thought it would be though. From the swatch on the website I thought it would be more of a light apricot color. I’m gonna have to give the mattifying treatment and primer another shot. I used them together and the primer pilled kind of bad around my lips and chin. I’ll report back to see if that was just a one time thing.

The ones I’m reviewing today are the blush, lip butter, and lip butter glaze.

The blush’s formula is velvety and has the lightest sheen to it. It’s not shimmery or glittery. I tried to apply it with a light hand because I was worried it would come out looking like bronzer. Not the case. I’m used to using pinker tones so this one’s different than anything in my blush arsenal. Some of the reviews I looked up on Natural say that it’s impossible to overdo on fair-medium skin, so next time I might be a little braver with it.I would definitely be open to picking up another Korres blush in another color, because this one feels so light and nice on my cheeks.

The lip butter/ glaze combo is a no brainer. I already had the pot one in Quince, but the Pomegranate has more orange in it. It’s a nice pop of color, and the glaze just helps to intensify it while keeping my lips soft. Despite my oath to try and stave off the urge to buy more lip products, I might have to pick up the glaze in Quince as well.

Korres is making its way up the ranks in my book of beauty brands and I hope to try more of their products in the future!

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