Saturday Outfit

Sorry for the post hiatus. Unfortunately when I get home from work it’s already dark and I haven’t liked any of the photos I’ve taken. Dang daylight savings time. So for the sake of posting, here is a doodle of me in the outfit I wore for work Saturday. I was excited because I had Sunday off. Sleepin’ in y’all.

I need to invest in some colored pencils because I suck at coloring in Photoshop.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Outfit

  1. Rebecca says:

    guurl if you change the curve in adjustments you can make your dark photos look like you took them in full sun.all of the photos i have on my blog were taken indoors under crap lighting. but i like your doodle outfit post. i like it a lot.

    • I wondered if that might work cause I saw it on pugly pixel, but I haven’t tried yet. I don’t have any days off till next weekend so if I want to do any posts before then that might be my only option.

  2. The Daddoo says:

    Daylight savins time will be here soon.

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