Origins Underwear for Lips Review

I’ve been looking into lip primers lately, and initially I was torn between Urban Decay’s Lip Primer Potion and Too Faced’s Lip Insurance. While looking up different reviews, I got really excited about Origins Underwear for Lips because I kept reading good things about it not drying out lips and it was a few bucks cheaper than the UD and Too Faced.

Like many things though, I got what I paid for. Onto the awkward close up photos of my mouth.

It's weird how much your mouth stops looking like a mouth when you're photographing it over and over.

The top left-hand photo is my naked lips. Nothing on em.

Top right-hand shows what they look like with the primer on them. When I applied it with the sponge tip applicator, it felt and looked like concealer. I don’t know why I thought it would be clear, but I was WRONG.  I waited awhile for it to set, but it never completely dried. I was worried that when I applied lipstick, it would affect the color of the lipstick, and…

I was right! Despite all of the reviews I read about lipstick color remaining true, mine was several shades lighter. In the bottom two photos, I’m wearing Chanel’s Rouge Allure Velvet in La Sensuelle. The bottom left-hand is with the primer, while the right-hand is the lipstick alone.

I tried the primer with a rosy nude color earlier at work because I was so excited, but the result was the same, plus I didn’t find it helped the color last longer.

Sorry to say, you are going back to Origins little buddy. I’ll probably pick up the Too Faced lip primer sometime this week instead. I use their Primed and Poreless foundation primer and love it, so hopefully their lip primer will be a winner too.

One thought on “Origins Underwear for Lips Review

  1. Richard Cook says:

    Never knew there was so much to learn about lipstick. Great Blog

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