Lip Balm Roll Call

I have a lip balm addiction. I have an unreasonable and undeniable urge to collect them and it doesn’t matter how many I already have. It doesn’t help that my lips are perpetually chapped (BUT that whole drinking more water bit is working a little bit), so I always have at least two in my purse, one on my vanity, one on my nightstand, and countless samples and full sizes in my official make-up drawer. Seriously, it’s getting out of hand.

So I’ve picked out the ones I use the most and review them. I think I’ve hit a wall as far as collecting goes, and thinking this post out has actually helped me resolve to wait until I’ve finished most of these off before I pick up anymore.

Korres Lip Butter in Quince

This was a holy-moly product for me. I picked it up a few weeks ago after debating between them and the Revlon Lip Butters I’d been hearing so much about. So happy I spent a few more dollars and got the Korres. The sheer color is really lovely and it makes even my lips feel really soft. Not sticky or slippery. Just soft.  The only drawback for me is that it’s in a pot so I have to get my finger a little balmy and pink.

Fresh Lip Treatments & Lip Scrub

My love of Fresh started when I got that worn out little tube of Rosé. It feels silky and gives great sheer color. Any chance I had to pick up another one, I did. The Sugar Plum tinted treatment has a very sultry color that I love. It’s a nice brown/burgundy, and the color is buildable so if I don’t want to look ghostly, I can just swipe it over my lips, or if I’m feeling adventurous I can create a nice dark shade. I took it home over Christmas holiday and was constantly having to steal it back from my mom. It was a big hit with her too.

The brown tube has no color, but it still feels amazing  to me. I’ve heard from other people that it’s a little much for them, but my lips absorb moisture so fast that it’s perfect for what I need.  This one came in a little duo along with the lip scrub, and as much as I hate to say it, I was disappointed with the scrub. Before I bought this, I just used to mix a little bit of honey and brown sugar to exfoliate the dead skin bits off my lips, but I thought the Fresh one would get more of that off. It worked the same, but I always have honey and brown sugar in my pantry, and they don’t cost $22.50 for a full size. Sorry Fresh. This is your only missed shot with me.

Baby Lips by Maybelline

I have a thing for purple tinted lip balms apparently because my Baby Lips is also a subtle plum color. I’d love to pick up some more, but every time I’m at the store they are sold out. I guess that speaks to either the popularity of their product or the irresistibleness of their packaging. The tint isn’t as dark as my Fresh Sugar Plum, so it’s really nice when I want something a little less dramatic but still moisturizing. I’m not gonna lie though. I’ve always been creeped out by the name a little bit.

Burt’s Bees EVERYTHING for Lips

I only have the Hibiscus Tinted Lip Balm and the regular balm pictured here, but I love just about everything I’ve ever tried from them for lips. Whether it’s the original, their pomegranate or mango butter, I love them all. I have a spattering of their other body care products (some body lotion and cuticle cream) but when I think of Burt’s Bees, I think lips.

For the Hibiscus Tinted Lip Balm, I’ll admit they tricked me with their packaging. It’s the one in the big beautiful cardboard tube, so I thought it was going to be a chubby lip balm like the Fresh ones. Nope. It’s a regular tube of chapstick inside. My disappointment with the packaging didn’t last long though. It’s hydrating and has great color! I once tried their skinny little lip color/balm thing and it was drying and felt really odd, almost grainy. This is leagues beyond that. No annoying shimmer like some teeny bopper gloss. It’s just right. I haven’t bought any of the other colors, but this one is a good dupe for Fresh’s Rosé.


There’s a reason why people use the word chapstick to describe any lip balms that aren’t actually Chapstick brand. It’s like asking for a Kleenex instead of facial tissue or a Band-aid instead of an adhesive bandage. Chapstick, while it might not come in a glamorous tube or fancy colors, is a wonderful staple. I have three tubes floating around our apartment. I even planted one in Mark’s office so if I’m loitering in there I don’t have to walk all the way to our room (5 feet away ugh I’m so lazy) to get the one on my nightstand. My favorite flavors are Spearmint and Strawberry.

And that’s that! Sort of in a particular order, my favorite lip treatments. Of course there are several others that I also love that I didn’t mention, including this bombshell that my best friend Becca gave me the other day after I’d already started this post.

CO Bigelow Lemon & Blackberry Tinted Lip Balm: This tastes delicious and has a gorgeous berry tint that she thought was too dark for her but she knew I’d like because I’m a Goth kid on the inside. In my opinion it’s on par with Fresh’s Sugar Plum. It has rocked my lip balm centric world.

At the risk of abandoning all impulse control at the mere suggestion of a good lip balm, what are your favorite lip treatments?

5 thoughts on “Lip Balm Roll Call

  1. cchansonichu says:

    Hello, how are you? I hope you are staying Safe. Sometimes after too much Guitar Hero (I play standing up) I find that my lips can be so dry that not even a big glass of Fanta can wet them, LOL :) so I found this article to be very insightful. You said you are a Goth Kid on the inside, well I myself identify with Juffalo Culture, “dead bodies make me happy,” so I can relate to you there, LOL. To answer your question, I enjoy ‘Lips by Hard Candies,’ you can find it in the Makeup section of your local Wal*Mart. I cannot WAIT to try out baby lips, hopefully my future sweetheart will like it. Would you possibly consider be my Gal Pal? Being a high functioning Autistic male can be ever so lonesome.

    Thanks and Have a Good Day :)

  2. cchansonichu says:

    … CURSE-YE-HA-ME-HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lauren says:

    Thank you for these reviews! I read this a couple weeks ago and went out and bought a tube of Baby Lips in cherry. I love it! It makes my lips so soft and I like that the color isn’t too much for a balm either. When I went to the store they were all out of the purple color you like, so it must be a popular one! I definitely plan on buying Sugar Rose soon too. That color is to die for.

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