DV by Dolce Vita Briar Pumps Y’all

Lord help my feet, my Briar pumps came in yesterday.

Ow ow ow

Don't mind the mud. First day out and I stepped in about ten mud pits.

I’ve been after these since November, and with Christmas moolah came the resolve to finally get these suckers. I have a pair of black heels for work that are your run of the mill 3” black pump, but I’m wearing these today to see if I can get through a day without crying in pain or breaking my neck. I’m constantly going to the third floor and tramping across property for this that and the other, so these 5” monsters may or may not become a work staple, but so far they’re actually not killing me and they are adorable. So adorable that I got cat called walking in from my lunch break, but I made a mean face at them and they drove away. Creeps.

The bow back is my favorite thing and I’ve been looking for something that’s embellished but not tacky. Today I’m wearing them with black ASOS tights, black Express skirt and white Express blouse for the office, but I can’t wait to wear them out with some skinny jeans and the black flowy top I got from Langford Market for my birthday.

You can barely see my outfit underneath my jacket and scarf. It's finally getting cold again in North Texas.

Also, I finally put up my personalized banner! I embroidered that dumb thing until my hands ached (not because it was especially complicated but because I’m a bad embroider). Still, it feels nice to have something besides the standard text at the top. I’ll probably get tired of it and change it in a month knowing me, but for now I’m happy to look at it.

First big beauty review post to follow (very soon)!

One thought on “DV by Dolce Vita Briar Pumps Y’all

  1. Vanessa says:

    Those are super cute! Im definitely cat calling you when I see them in action. Looking forward to more posts!

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