Monthly Archives: December 2010

Birthday Spoils

I actually got quite a few other things with my Anthro gift card because they had a great sale going on (25% additional off sale!) but these two cuties are the only things that wanted to be photogenic.

Actual birthday day was a success. Although I doubt I’ll ever go back to Chaucer’s (a sushi restaurant that sounds like an English pub and looks like the gross lovechild of a Chili’s and Hooters inside), it was an experience. I had no complaints about my lemon drop martini or my tornado roll, but the service was balls.

I’ve had a good two days off and tomorrow I’m headed back into work to bang out three quick days before heading home for a quick four-day Christmas break.

-Merry Xmas-


Not exactly a finished product apartment yet, but we got one key ingredient today.