Last year I became fascinated with old Halloween photos where even tame token costumes (witch, ghost, etc) were unsettling given the crude masks and get-ups that were used. These are just a few from my Halloween folder. I know that it’s not quite October yet, but I love Halloween so much and I’m still bummed that I’m about to move and won’t be able to decorate properly for most of the month because I’d simply have to pack it up almost immediately. Womp womp.

More trick/treats behind cut.

I still can’t decide what I want to be for Halloween. For work I think I’ll do a simple Dorothy costume if we have a party in the apartment office or anything, but for actually going out-out I’m stumped. I would really like to do something with a Marie Antoinette hairstyle but I don’t think I have the time or resources to put together a decent dress with that theme since we’re moving smack dab in the middle of October. I don’t think I’ll feel like sewing when everything I own is piled around me in boxes.

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