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Last year I became fascinated with old Halloween photos where even tame token costumes (witch, ghost, etc) were unsettling given the crude masks and get-ups that were used. These are just a few from my Halloween folder. I know that it’s not quite October yet, but I love Halloween so much and I’m still bummed that I’m about to move and won’t be able to decorate properly for most of the month because I’d simply have to pack it up almost immediately. Womp womp.

More trick/treats behind cut.

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Florence + the Machine

Florence + the Machine

I want to drive around the lake singing her songs on repeat as loud as I can. I wish Ravelin bakery wasn’t all the way in Denton.



I told you. This is all I think about lately.


Purple Home

I’m moving soon, so naturally I have interior on the brain. Most of what I think about these days is food and pining after big Victorian, rolled-arm sofas on craigslist that I can’t afford.

Food food

Part of what I wanted to do with this thing is to promote/talk about things I like since my actual life is not always very exciting.

I wish I could remember where I originally saw this blog, but I check it regularly now because it has delicious pictures of delicious food. It makes me want to have a decent camera and ramekins to bake mini-meals in. I love love love What Katie Ate.

This is a photo of the next recipe of hers that I want to try. The last thing I tried was her Irish Soda Bread, and while mine didn’t look quite as pretty as hers, it didn’t last very long in our apartment either.