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Bows & Mannequins

zoyataylorbow1Bow Corsage Cuff from the ERIN FETHERSTON x JM Studio Series & Zoya’s Taylor nail polish from the Naturel Collection





I hope no one looks down on me for buying a nail polish based totally on the fact that it has my name. You just don’t find things named Taylor very often! To be fair, it’s actually a really great natural shade to have because sometimes I just want to have mannequin nails. It’s a warmer color than Revlon’s Bare Bones which is what I usually wear when I want a nude nail. It wore well for three-four days with a topcoat before I saw the first chip, and with a new topcoat after that third day I didn’t see any significant wear for another two-three days. No regrets!

I’m so glad that this bow cuff came out right before Valentine’s Day because it’s been awhile since I’ve watched a piece of jewelry so bad, and luckily Mark got one before they went on back order! It’s still a little chilly in North Texas so it doesn’t work when I have to wear a coat, but it was great for our warm weather spell a week ago, and it’ll be great when it’s t-shirt temperature for the long haul. Even though I have a healthy love of all things black, I do have a soft spot for bows, and I’ve really enjoyed some of Erin Fetherston’s collaborations (I loved her Go International line for Target way back when).

And on an unrelated note, today is my sister Jordan’s birthday! I got to visit her this past weekend and even though visits are always too short, they’re always much-anticipated. I hope you have a great day today, Jordo!

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Mushy Gushy Pink Valentine’s Mani




ValentinesDayMani-4Polishes: Zoya’s Mia & essie’s In Stitches // Jewelry: Studded Ring – Forever 21 & Crescent Moon Midi Ring – etsy

I was feeling festive, and even though this mani is now gone, it was fun to do a little valentiney thing around the general time of Valentine’s Day. I free-handed the tips because I didn’t have the patience for straight lines, but I thought they didn’t turn out too bad!

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Zoya Lotus Swatch & Review






I actually got this polish over a year ago from Becca, but I haven’t worn it in a few months. It was in a Birchbox and she wasn’t a fan, but I love me a muted purple color. I had a pretty low key New Year’s with friends, so instead of big sparkly nails I went for a more subtle shimmer. In natural light it’s a purple with a neutral tone, but with the flash on my camera you can see that it has really fine, red glitter in it!

The longevity on this is pretty good. I put it one with a basecoat and topcoat Saturday night and it didn’t chip at all until Wednesday night. Usually I reapply the topcoat after two days to help a mani last longer, but I forgot this time. Whoops!

I love Zoya nail polishes, so my only complaint is that I feel like they all have a bit of a shrinkage issue – the tip of my real nail always seems to show a little once the polish dries. This has happened with different top coats as well, so your best bet is to make sure you take the polish all the way to the very end of your nail so it’s less noticeable.

I hope everyone’s having a good year so far! It’s always a really exciting time for me because I do have a tendency to get caught up in the whole resolutions business, but this year I’m keeping it all relatively simple and realistic so there isn’t as much pressure and I’m more confident I’ll stick with more of them than I did last year.

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Floral Mani



floralmani3Essie Red Nouveau // Revlon Bare Bones // love & beauty sky blue // Zoya Raven

I rarely do nail art anymore, but these blob flowers were really easy, and I got tons of compliments. I tested different color combinations on a spare sheet of paper till I found some that I liked. My advice would be to make sure all the little blobs are dry before putting on the top coat because it will smear like mine did. Sad face.

It’s a really easy alternative to the more meticulous nail art options out there. I want to try it again with some different color choices soon, but I’ll probably stick to straight one-color nails for a bit. Nail art can be fun, but I have a soft spot for no-nonsense plain manis.

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Tips Encouraged


nudepinktip1Zoya’s Lara // Revlon’s Bare Bones // Deborah Lippmann’s Flat Top Matte Topcoat

These were my nails last week. I didn’t get a terribly straight line with the tips (I was using the Orly French Tip Guide Stickers), but from farther away they looked good. I got lots of compliments on them, but for some reason I didn’t really love the color combo once it was on my nails. I did something similar with the Bare Bones and a teal color, and I liked that better.

Sorry for the week or so of no posts. Work’s been busy and I’ve been doing a lot of catch-up at home so I’ve been slacking on setting them up even though I have a few old nail posts lying around. Things should pick up again after this week!

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