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Half & Half



peridothalf3As much as I love a good set of nail art with crisp lines and symmetrical designs, I don’t usually have the patience to pull out tape, let nails dry forever, etc. I wanted something fun, and this might just look lazy, but I thought it was kind of fun. I just painted the bottom half of my nails with Chanel’s Peridot and put a clear coat on it. The top part is just my naked nail with clear coat. It just looks like they’ve been dipped in green-gold.

I used a cheap topcoat and it showed. Two nails were almost completely gone by the end of the first day. I love the color of Peridot, but the formula flakes easily, so don’t skimp on topcoat. Use something heavy duty and dependable like Seche Vite. Peridot costs a pretty penny, but I’ve seen some decent dupes, like from O.P.I. (Just Spotted the Lizard) and Revlon (Chrome Chameleon Gold).

I’ve been pulled toward one color manicures for a long time now, but recently I’ve been playing with nail art recently (and by nail art I mean different colored tips), so maybe I’ll give it a go again.

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