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Black Dahlia OCC Lip Tar Swatch & Review




blackdahlialip4OCC Lip Tar in Black Dahlia // Silk Blouse – Everlane

This was part of a set with the lip tar and the matching nail polish (an early birthday gift from my sweet Becca), and I love it. These lip tars aren’t everyone’s favorite because they aren’t the most convenient form of lip color. Carrying the little brush and tube in your purse isn’t as easy as just touching up with a swipe of lipstick. Luckily the staying power of this lipcolor makes it easy to forgo touch-ups.

I’ve worn this to work without bringing it with me and by the end of the day I had a nice, even (albeit lighter) stain. It started as this dark berry color and finished as a reddish pink. After drinking coffee, eating breakfast, and having lunch, I’d say that is pretty impressive.

I’d recommend exfoliating and priming lips beforehand because if you have dry patches sometimes the darker pigments can settle or fade unevenly, but it wasn’t hugely noticable. If you can’t or don’t want to bring the little plastic case with the tube and lip brush, I think Revlon’s Black Cherry is close enough to use for touch-ups.

Bottom line: It’s everything I hoped for and I’m so happy it’s finally mine. Thanks again Becca! I’ll try to do a swatch and review of the matching nail polish soon.

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MOR Hand Cream in Lychee Flower

mor-lycheeflowerMOR Cosmetics Hand Cream in Lychee Flower

This is probably not a good time for this review since they’re apparently not carrying it anywhere other than random TJ Maxx’s and a few clearance sections of Ulta. I’m hoping that it’s just a momentary thing and it’ll be back. If not, I’m gonna be sad.

This brand has the most beautiful packaging, and the product is excellent too. They have it in several scents, but I had my heart set on this or the Honey Nectar one. Luckily my sweet Becca found this one at an Ulta by her for an awesome $9¬†instead of $20, but that’s probably the only good part of it being discontinued for whatever reason. You can still find them on amazon for the time being, so there’s that.

On the MOR website they say:

  • Contains Shea & Cocoa Butters for superior moisture
  • Glycerin helps improve & hydrate dry skin
  • Infused with Sesame Seed Oil & Allantoin for soft skin
  • Irish Moss to keep the skin hydrated
  • Carries Vitamins A & E to moisturise the skin
  • Free of Parabens, Mineral Oil & Synthetic Dyes
  • This hand cream product is not tested on animals

One big note for this is that a little goes a long way. The Lychee Flower scent is very strong, and that’s good for me but it might be too much for someone who’s sensitive to strong fragrances. Another thing I like about it is that it absorbs fast and doesn’t leave your hands greasy. Nothing fun about slimy hands when all you want is to hydrate those dry digits.

I feel so fancy when I pull this out of my purse because of the beautiful black and gold, and I wish they weren’t being discontinued because I wanted to give them as gifts to some of the fancy ladies in my life. Hopefully it’s just temporary and I’ll get a chance to try the Honey Nectar and some of the other scents too!

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Revlon Stormy Pink Swatch & Review



revlonstormypink3Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Stormy Pink // J. Crew Knit Sweater – Thrifted // Adjustable Gold Collar Necklace – DIY



Fall and winter is when I put my burgundy, purple and deep red lipsticks into heavy rotation, but something got into me to buy this pink lipstick. Awhile back my friend Becca let me try her Nars Roman Holiday lipstick, and she said that Stormy Pink was a matter, more opaque dupe. It’s a great versatile shade that actually goes with my skin tone.

Lighter pinks look goofy on me most of the time, but since it’s cooler it works for me. I’ve been working it into my regular lipstick routine because it’s so much fun to have a pink that actually looks good. Even though it’s matte, the formula’s not very drying, and it goes smooth on my lips with minimal prep. If they’re chapped pretty bad, I have to exfoliate a bit, but usually a little lip balm or MAC Prep + Prime is enough.

For a matte shade, it doesn’t last as long as I’m used to. It doesn’t transfer much when I’m drinking out of cups and stuff, so I don’t know where it goes, but at least it fades even. It’s my first lighter matte shade, so that might attribute to it’s shorter wear time. Definitely bring it with you to reapply during the day.

I’m still getting used to the lighting in the new apartment, so sorry if I look a little blown out. I love the new place but I did not take into account that a tree would be blocking the window that I thought would get the best light. Oops! It’s a beautiful tree but it’s made taking non-grainy photos a challenge.

I’ve got a lot of posts lined up finally so I’ll be posting regularly for awhile. Hurray! Feels good to be back in blogging schedule.

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June Birchbox Reviews


I did it! When Birchbox did their big relaunch it’d been about half a year since I unsubscribed so I could go through my huge backlog of samples. The relaunch definitely got my sample fever going and this box didn’t disappoint.


1. Postcards // Given that I don’t send postcards and I don’t really travel anywhere that cool, I probably won’t get a chance to send these out, but they are cute! I’ll keep them in my little box of neat paper goods.

2. Birchbox + Color Club Wanderlust Collection in London Calling // I was really excited about this because I KNEW I’d get one of the colors. I was kind of bummed though because I wanted the purple or the grayish one and I got the neon pistachio shade. It’s cool for summer but it’s just not what I’d usually pick. The formula lasted a pretty long time and was very creamy, but I noticed that even though it was really thick, it still came out streaky on a few nails.


3. Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle // This was the hero of this box. It smells great and I can comb through my hair like a dream. I put it in after I shower when my hair’s still damp. My hair air dries and the next day it’s soft and silky. I’m considering buying the full size of this because it’s so good.

4. Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream in Blueberry // If you like blueberries and smooth legs, this is a fun product. It reminds me a lot of my EOS shaving cream because it’s so thick and non-drying, but the scent is much stronger and fruitier.

5. Juicy Couture’s Couture La La // It’s described as a mix of mandarin, red currant, lily, and orange blossom. I’ll keep this one in my bag for freshening up during the day, but I wasn’t blown away. The scent is pleasant and sweet, so if you want something safe but summery, it’s a winner.

6. Tili Bag // I may not travel anywhere cool, but but I do a lot of traveling (especially with my sweet baby sister getting married soon! Lots of showers and visits!) and this bag was a great addition to my other make-up baggies. If you’re worried about shampoos or moisturizers leaking or getting onto your other packed goodies, these plastic bags keep all your liquid products where they can’t get to anything else. They’ve got neat patterns too because packaging is important.

Soo you can look forward to Birchbox reviews every month again. Unless it’s a cruddy box. I won’t bore you with a cruddy box, I promise. If you aren’t already signed up and you want the giddy pleasure of getting a box full of goodies every month, sign up here.

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Lake Trip Deconstructed


H&M Tanks // Aerie Bralettes // Black Crochet Bikini – Target // Hi-Rise Festival Shorties – American Eagle Outfitters // Korres Lip Butter Glaze in Wild Rose // alessandro nail polish in blue nuit //Alex & Isabelle Double Hair Ties // L’Oreal Waterproof Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara

You know I love a “what’s in my bag” kind of post, so since I’ll be out of town this weekend spending time with my beautiful family for Father’s Day on Lake Travis, I wanted to show what’s gonna be on my face and in my weekender bag.

It’s gonna be in the high 90′s, so on the boat I’m be in my black crochet style bikini, and makeup is almost useless once you’re on the water, but I’ll still be wearing my navy nails, this highly pigmented but light on the lips Korres Butter Glaze in Wild Rose and some lashes. My test for waterproof mascara is to apply it before a shower, and this passed with flying colors. It doesn’t give a ton of volume, but the length was great. The hair bow ties are a great way to put my long hair up quickly but cute.

Off the boat, I can’t wait to relax in these flowy tanks with my beloved long line bras beneath. I’ve been living in my torn up AE festival shorties, so of course they’re coming with me.

Have a great weekend and I hope all the dads have a good Father’s Day!

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