Essie’s Blue Rhapsody


My lovely friend Catherine gifted this to me back at Christmas, and it’s been in my rotation more and more lately. This is from the same line as Penny Talk, and they both have a highly metallic finish that I love. I’m slowly accruing more blue polish but this is unlike any of the other ones. As with Penny Talk, the formula is not my favorite, but I guess it’s necessary for the shiny finish.

Make sure you buff your nails because the metallic look accentuates ridges and brittle nail ends. It goes on lumpy over basecoats and it looks strange with a topcoat, so I just slap on two layers and call it a day. It chips like mad but I just don’t care. I change my polish so much that I don’t mind having to touch up or just completely reapply.

It’s worth the work for the final look though. Doesn’t it remind you of BeyoncĂ©’s nails in her new shoot for OUT Magazine?


Beyoncé, photographed by Santiago & Mauricio for OUT Magazine




I wish you all soft, moisturized cuticles (unlike mine).


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Dermal Green Tea Collagen Essence Mask Review


Dermal Green Tea Collagen Essence Mask


My skin has been looking kind of rough lately. Part of that is probably due to weather change and stress, but it’s also because I’ve been trying new moisturizer samples and it’s wreaking havoc. I swear I’ll never forget why I love Cetaphil again. Blegh. Anyway, it’s been extra ruddy and flaky and acne-prone, and I had tried one of these before after picking it up from Super H-Mart. They’re so cheap and I love a good mask, so I thought why not just buy a bunch in bulk off the internet and see what using them consistently could do?

They had a bunch of varieties (hello Snail Essence?), but I stuck with Green Tea since I’ve been having issues with increases redness. Since the sheet mask is super-saturated with collagen, green tea extract and moisturizers, they just lay directly on your skin for 15-20 minutes, so you’ll enjoy looking like this for a bit:

dermalgreentea3I like to warn Mark before I put one on so I don’t startle him. As you can see, they really don’t fit every contour of your face, but smooth it out as best you can and try not to smile or eat or move your face very much. I usually hang out alone and watch Netflix while I’m wearing this because any sort of face movement kind of dislodges it. Luckily it doesn’t slide down once it’s fixed. I worried that since it’s so slippery that it would begin to migrate downward, but it holds up.

When you’re done, just peel it off, rub in the excess goo and admire your smooth, relaxed face! My skin always looks a little plumper and less dull for about a day after use, so it’s not a permanent solution to a dry/dull complexion, but when used twice a week, it’s a cheap way to refresh your face. If anyone’s ever tried their other masks (I’m looking as you Snail Essence), I’d love to hear if they work as well!

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The Natural Eyeshadow Palette by NYX Review & Swatches


The Natural Eyeshadow Palette by NYX

I don’t often do reviews of products I’m disappointed with. I know I should because people need to hear what doesn’t work just as much as they need to know when something’s worth the hype. There’s not much hype around this product that I know of, but if there is, I don’t understand it because I was super let down.


I swatched this palette in pairs. The left-hand swatch of each shadow is just the shadow, and the right-hand is the shadow over this primer from NYX. I use this primer when I really want my eye makeup to last, and for some of these colors, it’s the only way to make them register at all as far as pigmentation.


nyxnatural3The brush that came with the palette is useless, so these are just put on with my fingers. As you can see, the first two barely show up even with primer. You’re supposed to us these as highlighters, but I usually skip them because I can’t see them. The second shadow is more pale yellow/gold and has shimmer, and I really don’t go for glitter in my eye shadow.

The last four are okay, but you really can’t skip the primer or else they go on translucent. Even with primer, 3 and 4 had to be swiped on two or three times for full color payoff. I like the shade number 5, but since there are no names on the palette I don’t know if it’s a color NYX offers in a single. Number 6 has decent color payoff without the primer, but with it it’s even darker.

Overall these are hard to blend and don’t last through the whole day (with the exception of 5 and 6 with primer), and the first two are so light that they don’t even count to me. I basically held onto this palette so I could one day do a review about how much I regretted buying it. There are so many high-end neutral eyeshadow palettes out right now (like all the Naked ones from Urban Decay), and I’m not saying you NEED to spend that kind of money, but if you’re looking to go cheap, skip this one and pray you have better luck than I did. I have several single NYX shadows that I love, so the brand itself is still one I love, but this one’s a bad apple.

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Taylor S/S 2014


Amethyst Mirror on DesignLoveFest


El Cosmico in Marfa, TX


Mango Mule With Candied Ginger on Climbing Grier Mountain


RillRill Lookbook Photographed by Mikola Accuardi

inspirationpost4Honey Ginger Coconut Popsicle at Kinfolk

Even if yesterday was technically the first day of Spring, I still can’t wait for full on warm weather with shorts and lace bralettes with tanks and swimsuits – ugh I’m driving myself crazy just thinking about it. These are all things that get me revved up for the seasons to come, and everything I hope to do. I want to do more swimming. I want to travel (Marfa would be so dreamy – hanging out in a dolled up trailer and taking a bath in an outdoor clawfoot tub in the desert sounds amazing to me). There better be lots of summery beverages and frozen treats. I want to continue to clean out old belongings and make our apartment my favorite place by updating it with meaningful improvements (we need an entryway mirror and that crystal-rimmed one is beautiful!). I’m also getting a planter stand next week for our patio so I can grow herbs. We get just the right amount of sun and we’re out of the wind, so I’m looking forward to not having to pay $$$ for rosemary, basil, mint, etc.

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Spring Teaser




Blouse – Express // Maxi Skirt – Chic Wish // Jean Jacket – Target // Clogs – Lotta From Stockholm

We had one amazing day of 75 – 80 degree weather last Saturday. I spent this one sunny, windy day in Deep Ellum with friends, and man did I miss that weather the next day when it was snowing/icing and roads were frozen.

This is the outfit I’ve been dreaming of wearing while I wait for winter to finally go away for good. Two of the pieces are recent acquisitions, but I’ve been dreaming about them since last summer, so I’m glad I finally got my cold little hands on them, although the clogs I got are actually Lotta From Stockholm and not Swedish Hasbeens, but they were a little cheaper and basically the same! Becca actually spotted them for me. Bless you, Becca.

In a month I’m sure I’ll be complaining about it being too hot, but I right now I just want to wear shorts.

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