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I’m so bad about doing these kinds of posts (I’m sorry to anyone who’s ever nominated me for something like this and I didn’t do it), but I really like the idea of this one. Thank you for tagging me, Cruelty Free Me! The premise is that all of your makeup,cosmetics/skincare are gone and you have to start over with 16 items. It sounded like a big number at first, but once I started thinking about skincare and tools, I was very quickly running out of space in my theoretical make-up bag.

The last few years, I’ve tried to be much more discerning about how much clothing, makeup, etc. I buy. That doesn’t mean I’m an angel with total self control, but I’m better than I used to be! And I’ve thrown out or donated a ton of stuff in the quest to have only pieces and cosmetics that I consistently use.

That’s why this post idea was so appealing, because it made me think even more about which of my products I consider my all-time dream team.

  1. Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45+ // Even though foundations might give fuller coverage, I like the multi-tasking nature and skin care benefits of this BB Cream. It leaves my skin moisturized and dewy, can be built up depending on the need and it has SPF. It matches my skin tone very well and gives me a finished look without being cakey.
  2. NARS Copacabana Illuminator // All-time favorite illuminator. The pink, pearly color goes great with fair skin and can be used either to highlight or mixed into my base for an overall illuminating effect. Since my face is dry, the liquid medium melts into my skin without accentuating dry patches.
  3. NARS Blush in Orgasm // Number one blush. It gives me a great, natural looking flush that I can leave subtle or go a little heavier on (although I don’t because I want to look like a baby vampire). The fact that it’s peachy AND gold is the best because I loooove gold. Gold forever.
  4. Essie Nail Polish in Merino Cool // It’s no secret that I love grurples and greiges, and this is probably my favorite. It was a close tie between this one and Master Plan. I like that it’s a little darker while still coming off neutral. Nice and versatile.
  5. Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes // I hope this one isn’t cheating since it’s technically four brushes, but they all came together as a collection! I wish it had an eye brush, but I usually apply eyeshadow with my fingers anyway. Since I really want my base to look finished, the foundation brush, concealer brush, blush brush and buffer brush definitely make the cut. The quality is great and they can be used for so many different product applications.
  6. Sonia Kashuk Crease Brush // The only eye brush I’ll ever love. I got it at Target and it’s the best crease brush ever. Since I usually just put some color on my lid and a nude color to my browbone, blending out that crease is important. I don’t want a weird, blocky eyelid. The bristles are soft and doesn’t pull on my lid when I do the back and forth blending stroke.
  7. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner // I don’t go for dramatic or elaborate eyeshadow. When it comes to eyes, the cat eye is my go to, and for that I need a fine-point, long-lasting liner. I have a pretty steady hand since I do cat eyeliner a lot, but the extra fine point makes it so much easier to get the thickness and control I want. Love love love.
  8. MAC Culturalized Eyeshadow Duo (Brule & Retrospeck) // Gold is my favorite color next to black. This duo has great texture and little fallout, not to mention that the two shades compliment each other very well. I just slap on the gold (Retrospeck) on my lid and blend out with the light beige (Brule). Retrospeck isn’t a brassy gold which is a plus. I use it for a highlight on the center of my bottom lip sometimes because I love it so much.
  9. Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Flashes Statement Mascara // What can I say? It gets my lashes long, thick and few to no clumps. It’s super black and the brush is great at getting right into the root some I get awesome coverage all the way through. Two coats of this and my eyelashes are brushing my eyebrows. For everyday I just wear one coat because it gets dramatic pretty quick.
  10. L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Waterproof Mascara // If I’m going swimming or I’m gonna be crying, this is my jam. My eyelashes look thick and amazing and they don’t don’t budge!
  11. bareMinerals READY Touch Up Veil Broad Spectrum SPF 15 in Translucent // For the most part, my skin is very dry, but my t-zone can get a little oily at the end of the day. This finishing powder is the best for touching-up, mattifying lipstick AND setting makeup. It doesn’t leave my skin powdery or strange looking.
  12. Cetaphil Moisturizer // No fancy moisturizer has been able to usurp my love of Cetaphil. When I first went to the dermatologist, this is what they recommended for my dry, flaking, red, sensitive skin. It was a mess. But after a week or so of gentle cleansing and this moisturizer, my skin is so manageable. It has no scent and is pretty thick. I usually buy the store brand tub of Cetaphil and then pipe it into a squeeze bottle so that I’m not dipping my grubby little hands into the moisturizer every day. Cuts down on germs and breakouts!
  13. Yes to Cucumbers Gentle Milk Cleanser // I only wash my face at night because otherwise it dries out my skin to the point of irritation. Since my skin is so reactive and annoying, having a gentle cleanser that won’t strip my skin of oils is very important to me. Cetaphil makes a good one, but Yes to Cucumbers’s leaves my skin feeling less tight and uncomfortable. I buy it again and again.
  14. Nip + Fab Glycolic Peel Pads // Exfoliating with grainy scrubs tears my skin up, so when it’s time to get radiant, flake-free skin, I go the chemical exfoliation route. These pre-soaked glycolic acid pads are the easiest way to keep my complexion from getting dull and rough-looking. They also have hyaluronic acid which help moisturize as well!
  15. Nars Lipstick in Tolede // Man oh man the lipstick was hard. I would have a horrible time living with only one or two lipsticks. The first one I picked was Nars’s Tolede because it’s a beautiful rose color and I can wear it with anything. It’s very classic and just so nice. I wear it a lot and I never feel overdone.
  16. Revlon Lipstick in Really, Really Red // If I can only have a few things, I could never forget a red lipstick. Really, Really Red is really, really lovely and I always feel amazing when I wear it. Its matte finish makes it longer lasting, and I just happen to think that matte is a very sophisticated finish.

Whoof. As I was writing those I realized how hard it would be. I didn’t choose any brow products, concealer, perfume, face masks… so many things I love but couldn’t quite fit! Oh well.


OCC Black Dahlia Nail Polish


It doesn’t feel like fall will be here soon, but I figured painting my nails dark burgundy couldn’t hurt. It’ll help me forget that I live in Texas and it’s totally normal to have it still reaching 100 degrees in September.

Now, I love the color of this, but I will admit that the formula isn’t the greatest which is disappointing given that OCC is a little higher end. By the second day I had one or two chips, and it was easy enough to touch them up and reapply a top coat, but normally I don’t have to do that until day four or five. I needed two coats for it to be totally opaque, but that’s pretty standard. Overall it has average performance and needs a tough topcoat or regular touch-ups.




These pictures are from day four after touching up the tips, so they’re a little grown out. Thanks Biotin for making my nails grow weirdly fast. I feel like I apologize for my dry cuticles in every nail post, and I’m going to do it again. I’ve been using Essie’s Apricot Cuticle Oil and they look good after, but I haven’t been diligent about using it. One day I’ll have soft, barely there cuticles.

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The Neon Museum in Las Vegas













neonmuseumkatyThis last photo was taken by my friend Katy! Thank you lady! I went to The Neon Museum with her and her husband and took a ton of photos in the hot hot hot sun. I thought coming from Texas would make me more prepared for the heat, but man oh man standing outside for an hour mid morning never felt toastier.

The signs are so big in person – there were a few that I couldn’t get good photos of because they wouldn’t fit in one shot. I love neon things (my room in high school was full of little neon signs, light-up globes, lava lamps… very classy) so it was really fun to see all of the old styles and the way they’ve evolved as Vegas has grown. I recommend taking the tour if you’re gonna be in Vegas! They also offer night tours, but they fill up faster.

The only bad part of vacation is that eventually it’s over and now it’s back to the grind, BUT luckily for me the grind ain’t so bad.

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Vegas 2014: Virtual Packing

Vegas 2014

I am going on a much-needed vacation to Vegas with my mister and a few of our friends this Labor Day, and even though it’s a super short trip, I still get excited thinking about what I’m going to pack. When it’s a trip this short, I really have to boil down what I’ll actually wear.

These are all from Polyvore so some of them are just CLOSE to the actual items I own. Obviously I’m a huge fan of color. Obviously. Seriously though, I love packing for planning way more than actual packing. It’ll take my mind off of worrying about flying on a plane for the first time in quite awhile. Big worry wart here.

I’ll try to take cool artsy photos, maybe even of the outfits I’m planning to wear. We shall see. I hope you all have a great long weekend (if you have one)!

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Battle of the Blue Liners: Revlon Versus Wet n Wild

Earlier this summer I got stuck on the idea of colored liner, and even though I usually try to avoid trends, I feel like blue liner keeps coming in and out of vogue enough to make it worth the plunge. I picked up two liners to see which one I could see myself wearing through the rest of summer (and then some).


Wet n Wild MegaLiner in Indigo Blue // This is the first one I grabbed because I’ve been a fan of some other Wet n Wild products and it’s hard to say no when it’s so cheap (only $2.99). The first thing I noticed was the brush tip which I’m not a fan of. It wasn’t too hard to get the liquid liner evenly on the brush, but I prefer fine felt tips. The color is a shimmery navy that needs a few strokes to come off opaque.


Revlon ColorStay Skinny Liquid Liner in Electric // The second liner I got my hands on was this newer one from Revlon because I’d heard good things about it and it was closer to the color I’d originally pictured. It was a bit more ($7.99) so I had much higher expectations. I love felt tip applicators so I had a very easy time applying it evenly. The color is pretty much exactly like the lid and it comes off opaque with one stroke, so it’s easier to not mess up a good line but having to go over it over and over.


On the left is the Revlon and the right is the Wet n Wild. They both have good staying power and are smudge-proof, but they aren’t waterproof so don’t push your luck if you’re going to be swimming or sweating profusely.


Oh lord the close up eye photos. This is the Wet n Wild liner. It looks a little brighter on the eyes in natural light. It’d be good for someone looking to ease into colored liner because it’s buildable so you can start sheer and work up to something bolder.

bluebattle4Of the two, the Revlon was my winner. Mostly it was the applicator and the color’s opaqueness and matte finish. Both were pretty but I wanted something that would really stand out on an otherwise bland makeup day. I’m just now reviewing it, but I’ve worn it a lot this summer and I can see it being worn for fall and winter as well.

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